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"Don’t compete with rivals - make them irrelevant."

– W.Chan Kim

Working harder than your competition doesn't guarantee success. You have to leave your competition behind and create your own market space...a blue ocean.

The blue ocean strategy was introduced a few years ago by W.Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne with their book ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’.

In a blue ocean you are able to innovate & pursue new opportunities, the competition becomes irrelevant. A red ocean simply allows you to defend your current position, making it very difficult to move forward and as the space becomes more crowded, profits & growth are reduced.

We’re believers in creating a blue ocean, approaching business from a different perspective to the rest of the market. That’s why we built Referify, a world class affiliate tracking software for ecommerce entrepreneurs, who are looking to leave their competition behind.

Referify enables you to start building your partner network in a matter of minutes. While the competition is focused on the rising cost of paid ads, you can create your blue ocean of high performing affiliate partners who share a common goal.

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